Practicing Postivity

Practicing Positivity for better future

An approach to develop Positive attitude

In today’s world where we have access to most of the information at our fingertips, where the Negative news spread more rapidly than the positives, our mindset is affected by this and we feel depressed and low. That’s why practicing positivity is necessary.

So, it is really important to apply the Positive approach towards life for better life and better surrounding mentality.

Practicing Positivity
Try to create Happy Moments around you

Why Positivity ?

It is believed that a positive mind helps to keep the body disease-free. Due to Negative energies coming to us from all around and Harm our peace of mind, this can affect our health. So for healthy life practicing a Positive approach is necessary. Also in today’s hectic world and continuous evolution of technology the word peace of mind is likely to be getting disappeared from our life. People are having anxiety problems at a young age, they are afraid of taking up the initiative for their own betterment due to the negative thought processes.

To Replace these negative thoughts and pessimistic approach we need to adapt a positive approach by Practicing Positivity.

You might think that though process occurs by default and how can we manipulate ? Right?

Don’t worry I too used to think the same earlier but when I started reading about this Positive approach and having a positive attitude towards life, I realized that with practice a positive mindset can be cultivated. Here are the few methods or ways that I would like to share with you about how to Practice Positivity.

The Question of Approach

Whenever we are in any situation that makes us feel low or make our thinking negative we always become pessimistic and question the situation like

  • Why this all happened to me?
  • Why God has done this to us?
  • Why always such things happen to me?
The Question of Approach

Instead of crying and being stuck in this situation, you can take another approach. which can give away solutions to get out of this situation. Ask questions that can help you. Like :

  • what is the best in this situation
  • What I can learn from this?
  • From here what is that one step that I can take to get out of this situation?

In both these questions, the major difference is of Approach. The earlier set of questions will set you back giving nothing fruitful. while the latter can give you the hope of getting out of the current situation. Once you get answers to the Optimistic approach question you can start working on those solutions to get out of the negative thinking.

β€œIt always seems impossible until it is done.”

-Nelson Mandella

Be the Change you want

We get easily influenced by the people around us or by the information we consume throughout the day. This can have a huge effect on our negative mindset. Analyze the persons around you and find out who’s the company makes you feel down or make you think negative. Also, Identify the things that affect your mind and make you think negatively. In order to avoid this, you need to change your surroundings. You can choose to:

  • Be with the person who make you feel better and lift you up, avoid the company of those who make you feel low. Be with the persons with positive energy. Analyze them, their thought process, about how they keep their positive approach. This will help you learn and grow in order to practice positivity.
  • Get the information that helps you to keep up the optimism. Try to avoid the time you spend on social media with negative content, avoid chaotic news channels that spreads anxiety and negativity, political dramas, other nuisance and other self esteem damaging medias. Instead try to spend more time reading good books or blogs, you can get a list of best inspiring books for Positive thinking, watch videos that adds quality to you life like motivational videos, inspiring videos, Motivational speeches, biographies of great personalities. Listen to Inspiring Music.
  • Practice Yoga or meditation, this will help you to have better control over your mind and the thoughts.

Don’t Compare to others

Be contented and grateful for what you have. Do not complain about the things that you don’t have. This will only give you negative energies. Be happy with what you have in life.

As many in this world do not have the minimum required basics of life. Your basic necessity can be a luxury for others. So instead of crying for things, be grateful. This will change the way you think about materialistic things.

Physical Self care

Practicing a positive approach is not just limited to being optimistic, it also involves taking good care of the physical part of ourselves. It is believed that having a good workout, enough sleep each night, and healthy food daily can have a huge impact on mindset.

If we avoid these basics then negative thoughts might pop out more often resulting in us being pessimistic and shutting down the possibilities in life.

So don’t avoid these basic needs of your body. This will help you to avoid negative thinking and will take you towards the positive approach of life.

Start Your Day with Positive Mindset

Start your day with some positive acts like while having breakfast you can read good books instead of newspaper, or can hear to motivational podcasts.

As mentioned earlier you can also start you day with Yoga or meditation, this can give a total fresh feelings to start your day positively.

Morning Mantra

Shift your Focus

A sure way to feel worse about the negative situation is just thinking about the cause and not doing anything. Develop your thinking to focus on solutions rather than focusing on the causes. As mentioned earlier in this blog ask questions that can give possible solutions about how to get out of the current situation.

Try to analyze the possible solutions to your problems and if required break down the solutions and try to work on them step by step. There might be a situation where you think you are stuck, but again don’t shift your focus. Concentrate and try to find the solutions

Being positive, it’s not going to happen overnight. You can face problems, but here the important thing is to keep moving forward towards a positive approach.

Stop Worrying:

The Habit of worrying is destructive enough to take over one’s thinking. It is the biggest obstacle to Optimism and developing a positive mindset. Instead of occupying your mind with worries try to focus on Possibilities of Solutions and your actions.

It’s Okay to be Imperfect

Practicing Positivity

The thought of being perfect in everything haunts many, this could be a trap and hold us back from achieving our goal of being Optimistic. It is totally fine to make mistakes in shifting your attitude from negative to positive. But here the important thing is to learn from those mistakes.

Let this growth from negative to positive be gradual. With mistakes, At times you may fail but never stop. Learn from your failure, don’t let the imperfections and failure stop your journey. Keep an eye on yourself and never give up.

“Practicing the Practice” will definitely help you shift your mindset to Positive, and thus ultimately make you feel better, and make your life better.

I hope this article might have helped you to gain a positive approach towards life to make your life better.

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Keep Practicing Positivity.

Thank you, Have a positive day!

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

Zig Ziglar (Author)

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