Top 5 Inspiring Books for Positive Thinking

Top 5 Inspiring Books for Positive Thinking

Having a Positive Attitude towards life is much needed in today’s world. People are often surrounded by negative thoughts in their daily life. This might affect their growth in life. For this, our mind should adopt the habit of positive thinking.

As we discussed in our blog of Practicing positivity for a better life, there are various methods to adopt this practice. One of them is about reading some good books. Books that can lift you up.

So here I would like to share some of the top-rated and best-selling books for positive thinking. A few of which I personally have read and I can say that it had helped me a lot to adapt positive thinking in my life.

Let’s start with listing of the top 5 Inspiring books for positive thinking, in case if you want to buy these books, I have shared it’s link in the description.

1. Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude – Napoleon Hill

Success through a positive Mental Attitude

According to you what is success? Is it only having a hefty amount in our bank balance? Many in this world think so. But if we think upon it we can find many rich and so-called monetarily successful persons are living in misery

Why? because we have limited the meaning of being successful with monitory value and So we always run towards that goal to be successful.

Well think alternatively, do you believe that happiness is success in itself? Having a successful relationship, is an accomplishment? You being successful in performing your duties towards your family and friends and you are an outstanding member of your circle, won’t you be happy? Is this being successful? The answer is Yes.

This book will help you discover how to be successful with the positive attitude in your field.

2. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich

This book talks about positivity and success and will teach you how to achieve your dreams with techniques of achieving them successfully.

“Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.” Think on it. You are what you think.

Since its first publication in 1937, think and Grow Rich has been considered the best self-help book in the world. This book has always been in the Top 5 Inspiring books for Positive thinking and other motivational topics.

A Bible for people seeking riches and prosperity, this book draws on the life stories of the wealthiest and most successful people of all time.

Through this book Napoleon Hill will teach you what to do, and how to do it, to achieve lasting and unprecedented success.

 Change your life as you learn to be ‘the master of your fate and the Captain of your soul’ through this powerful book.

3. The Power of your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy

The power of subconscious mind

This book unveils the power of Sub conscious.

This book can bring to your notice the innate power that the sub-conscious holds. We have some traits which seem like habits, but in reality, these are those traits which are directly controlled by the sub-conscious mind, vis-à-vis your habits or your routine can be changed if you can control and direct your sub-conscious mind positively.

To be able to control this ‘mind power‘ and use it to improve the quality of your life is no walk in the park. This is where this book acts as a guide and allows you to decipher the depths of the subconscious mind.

In this book, ‘The power of your subconscious mind’, the author fuses his spiritual wisdom and scientific research to bring to light how the sub-conscious mind can be a major influence on our daily lives. Once you understand your subconscious mind, you can also control or get rid of the various phobias that you may have in turn opening a brand new world of positive energy.

The only path by which another person can upset you is through your own thought.

Joseph Murphy

4. How to stop worrying and start living – Dale Carnegie

How to stop worrying and start living

One of the main disadvantages of having a negative mindset is that you are always worried about everything, even if it not major thing to be worried about. This book will help you get rid of this habit.

“Dale Carnegie’s timeless advice is more relevant than ever in the stressful, fast-paced twenty-first century. Learn how to break the worry habit – Now and forever!” – M. Sango In this classic work, ‘How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’, Carnegie offers a set of practical formulas that you can put to work today.

It is a book packed with lessons that will last a lifetime and make that lifetime happier! Fascinating to read and easy to apply, This book deals with fundamental emotions and life-changing ideas.

There’s no need to live with worry and anxiety that keep you from enjoying a full, active life!

Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”

Dale Carnegie

5. The Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Paele

The Power of Positive thinking

As we have mentioned in our blog, we know how important it is to have a positive attitude towards life. This book focuses on how to adapt your mind to the power of positive thinking.

Our thoughts are just the conversations with ourselves, just as we converse with others. If our thoughts are positive we feel good. Whereas in opposition to it if our thoughts are negative we feel low, miserable, and unhappy.

For Positive thinking, You must learn that the easiest way to an easy mind is to create an easy mind. This is done by practice, by the application of some such simple principles as outlined in this book.

This book will help you to adapt the positive attitude and help you to start Practicing Positivity.

Bonus : The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is one of the best-selling books in history. The story of Santiago, the shepherd boy on a journey to realize his “Personal Legend” has inspired people all over the world to live their dreams.

It’s full of specific wisdom as well, about becoming self-empowered, overcoming depression, and believing in dreams. The cumulative effect is like hearing a wonderful bedtime story from an inspirational psychiatrist.

This book has many inspiring incidents and events well-staged as a story that will give you a sure shot change in your attitude towards life.

Grab any one of this top 5 inspiring books for positive thinking and get a new horizon of POSTIVITY in your life.

All the best. Keep up the Positive spirit!

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