Version 2.0

Version 2.0 – Meet the new ME in 2025

First of all, Wish you a very Happy New Year.

Today I am be presenting you my own version 2.0 – The New ME in 2025.

Version 2.0

Know the New ME - Version 2.0

This new ME is Mr. Jai Harish Sachala (Version 2.0). Who is more Energetic, more confident than ever. He is a great personality, ambitious and good human being. He is known for his creative Ideas be it in business or in personal life.

He is a successful businessman with good earnings, (in more than seven digits in a year). Jai is Sincere in his work and with his sincerity and dedication he has achieved milestones in his life, He owns his dream car and has a luxurious home where he is living happily with his family.

House with pool

Professional Version Update

As you know Jai runs an IT company named LogicArt Technologies. Today this company has more than 50 employees. 

Jai is a master in Digital Marketing. He has more than 100 digital marketing clients, He is not the only one, but he has developed a skillful team, who helps him run a successful business.

His business had advanced and reached one of the megacity in India, Mumbai. Where he got good exposure to the Vast market. LogicArt has become a brand for Digital Marketing, It helps the Business and organization to build High-quality brand awareness. 

LogicArt is well known for its quality services and advanced IT products. It has more Logical and Artistic Values. 

Business MOdel

Personal Version update

In his personal Jai is more dedicated to gain peace of mind and body. He has maintained good health, by doing 30 mins to 1-hour meditation every day, also he does regular exercise to maintain his good physic.

He reads 2 inspirational books a month that helps him to stay positive and motivated in life. He, as always supports his wife in her business. He is very supportive to friends and family.

Apart from these, Jai has also started his own YouTube channel and Blogging where he creates and writes inspirational content for the youth. 

He is a great content creator, His content is captivating and always comes up with unique ideas. He has explored more on his passion and love for Music. He has learned to play the Keyboard and Guitar. He is a good music creator as well. He has fulfilled his dream of creating one short film.

You won’t believe that was his dream to give out the best of his knowledge to the world. He did not start this for Money but to inspire, this gave him its return. He is earning a million from these platforms and affiliate marketing gives some extra as well.

Jai has also developed some of the applications for businesses that are giving him a handsome amount of returns annually. 

Well that said, there is much more to explore for him in this world, he is constantly looking to grow more and more. I would like to thank you for giving a bit of your time to know Version 2.0 of Jai Sachala. 

It’s just the beginning of a BIG-INNINGS. 

Keep inspiring and keep learning. 

Have a great day.

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