About me

Hey, I am a part time blogger and a full time software developer in one of the finance company in India. I have started this blog as one of my passion to create value added contents for the viewers.

The reason behind starting this blog is to provide relevant information of earning money online or offline through various sources like say

Online sources:


Affiliate marketing

Digital marketing and many more.

Offline sources:

Startup ideas

Thank you so much for the interest in knowing about me.

What is sahiheyar.com?

Basically it is a blog created to provide valuable content for the viewers who are in search of various earning sources online and offline.

It is also for the users who want to know how to earn side income or passive incomes other than their jobs or want to start business on their own but have no idea about what to do and how to do.

Let me tell you my story how I decided to start this blog.

By profession I am a software developer in one of the best financial company of India. My urge to do something great in my life was much that I always search for various income sources online so that I can generate enough income to sustain my life.

In today’s world with lots of competition and low job securities with almost zero percentage of guarantee. We must never depend on one income source like job. We must think of earning income from more than one source.

So I started searching for many online and offline business ideas and after some months of searching and analysis I found many sources through which we can earn money.

And I thought instead of gathering this information with me let me share with all the peoples who are in same requirement like me or who is in search of earning money on their own.

So this is how sahiheyar.com is introduced in your life which will somehow change your life or life style with lots of valuable and genuine information.

I will try my best to provide you with genuine and authenticate information which will surely help in changing your life. And in return I only need one thing from you is if you like various contents of my blog

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