Special edition Amazon quiz – Win 15000

Amazon has just introduced new quiz today with the name special edition quiz where there are 5 questions in it for which if you answer all right answers you can get a chance to win 15000 as Amazon pay balanceAmazon special edition quiz – 9 Feb 2020

Question 1: Amazon has partnered with the AWPO (Army Welfare Placement Organization) to launch the Military Veterans Employment Program. Via this program Amazon hires former military personnel.

Answer : TRUE

Question 2: I Have _______ program is a delivery partnership of Amazon with small store owners that is transforming lives. It is a business opportunity in which local entrepreneurs/stores partner with Amazon for delivery/pickup services within their area. (Fill in the blank)

Answer : Space

Question 3: Which is the first Indian start up to offer parental leaves for both men and women?

Answer: Zomato

Question 4: Which of these initiatives from the government of India has the slogan ‘Kaushal Bharat Kushal Bharat’?

Answer : Skill India

Question 5 : Which of these is the minimum investment required for store owners to be part of the IHS program?

Answer : No investment required

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